Your storage unit can be more useful than you might think

Some common first thoughts that arise after a storage unit is brought up are typical things like, the thing you use in between moves or something that you put on your old aunt’s couch that you may want one day and do not want to throw away. But this is not even the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what your Lafayette Storage Units storage unit can be used for. 


Having a storage unit opens up a lot of different storage options. You can use a unit to store larger things like jet skis or potentially a boat depending on the size. This is a great example of using your unit to store seasonal things. As the weather changes you can switch out your belongings and get ready for the new season. Another seasonal thing that is great to store is halloween decorations. Setting up halloween decorations can take a lot of work and effort and doing it year after year gets tedious. If possible bag up your decorations, with them taken apart as least as possible, and simply put them in your unit until the month of October rolls around again. Just be sure to clean any decorations before putting them in your unit, as you do not want a bunch of leaves sitting there making your belongings smell weird or like rotting leaves. 


Another great thing to put in your units is outdoor summer belongings. This could be outdoor furniture you will not long be used to when it begins to snow, your grill, and other warm weather items you will not need for the next few months. Trading out seasonal items is one of the best ways to utilize your storage unit and keep your home clean and free of clutter. The process of switching may be a project that lasts a few hours but it will be worth it. 

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