Your Items that Need Temperature Controlled Storage

Some of our most beloved items find their way to a storage unit at Elite Storage in Lafayette. To make sure your items are staying in the best shape possible you will want to consider renting a temperature controlled storage unit. Some items need the consistency a temperature controlled storage unit provides. Below is a list of just some of the items that need a consistency in temperature.

Wooden Furniture

If there is an excessive amount of moisture in the air, which is common in most humid climates, you want to ensure your wooden furniture is protected. Too much moisture can cause wooden furniture to warp and crack. A temperature controlled storage unit will keep the humidity and moisture out by maintaining the temperature of your unit, no matter what the weather is like outside.

Leather Furniture

Leather can often be tricky to maintain. Whether you are in a hot or cold climate, leather is susceptible to change in color and texture. In order to keep leather furniture like new the temperature of the storage unit must be maintained.

Special Collections

Special collections consist of collectables such as stamps, comic books, posters, coins, and even wine. All of these items are severely affected if there is an excessive change in the climate in which they are kept. Moisture will dampen, stain, and warp anything that is made of paper. Some metals are known for tarnishing in extreme temperature changes and when coming in contact with moisture. Wine needs to be maintained at a cool and regulative temperature to ensure the quality. It would be wise to do some research on your treasured items to ensure what environment would be best for it to be stored in.

Household and Electrical Appliances

Household appliances such as washers, dryers, fridges, ovens and microwaves all need to be in a temperature controlled unit. After ensuring that each is cleaned and dry, the appliance needs to be maintained at a controlled temperature to prevent rusting and deterioration. With a controlled temperature the electrical aspect of each appliance will be protected from moisture damage.


Artwork is often collected and passed down from generation to generation. To ensure the safety and quality of the artwork it is very important to store in a controlled climate. Extreme heat or cold can easily warp pieces of artwork. It is also important to have a controlled climate when storing art supplies. Protecting them from moisture and extreme heat will allow them to last a lifetime.

For more information regarding what items need the help of a temperature controlled storage unit, you may call or stop by our facility at Elite Storage in Lafayette. We will provide you with the information you need in protecting what you care about most.

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