What to Store When Moving out of State

What to Store When Moving out of State

What Should You Leave Behind?

There are several reasons for people to move to a different state (or even country) whether it be for work, for fun, or family. Sometimes bringing all of your belongings with you just isn’t a possibility and that’s where storage comes into the picture. You may be waiting to move everything when you have more space or your move may even be temporary. Whatever the case, Lafayette Storage has several options to make storing your belongings easy while you’re away.

Sentimental Furniture

You may love that old dining set that belonged to your great-great grandmother but that doesn’t mean you necessarily have room for it on the moving truck. Furniture that means a lot to you but doesn’t fit into your current life can easily be stored for safekeeping. Lafayette Storage even provides temperature controlled storage facilities so that you don’t have to worry about damage to your precious belongings.


Chances are you have several electronic devices around your home that you just don’t use anymore but aren’t quite ready to part with. Old radios, consoles, t.v.’s, whatever it may be – these are great items to store if you’ve barely touched them within the past year or more. You may want to get rid of these items or sell them down the road but storing them is the perfect temporary solution.

Household Items

Let’s say you’re moving to a place with a significantly smaller kitchen and you just won’t have room for your large collection of pots and pans. Or maybe you’re kids are no longer living at home and you don’t need as many bedrooms as you once did. Storing these household items is smart because you may want to use them in the future or pass them down to children or other relatives at some point.


If you don’t have room for bicycles or just won’t need them where you’re going, you can store them for safekeeping. This applies to other similar recreational equipment such as tricycles and scooters. Storage is a good solution because these things take up lots of room and moving them isn’t always an option.

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