Ways to maximize your storage space

Having a storage unit can help you store things you want to keep but you also do not want it clustering your house with.  But it can be hard to fit in everything that you want packed away. So here are a few ways to pack with efficiency and effectiveness. 


When figuring out what you want to get rid of, sort everything into size piles, so that you know how many bigger things you have to fit in before all of your smaller items and possessions can be put into the gaps and holes that they leave. Being organized can help everything run smoother, and then you can know where things are before and after you put them in your storage unit. Being unorganized can lead to things being messy and stressful and when you want to go get something out of your unit it will be incredibly difficult. Throw away anything you do not want or anything you never use. So you do not take clutter from one place to another. 


Once you know what you want to put in your storage unit you can take your stuff over to your Storage in Lafayette CO, where you have to figure out where to put everything.  Have a game plan for unloading everything and for getting it all in the actual storage unit. Find all of your larger objects and put them in very first to make sure they can all fit in, then you can start to fill in the empty spaces with everything else. Be careful about where you put certain things to make to ensure that nothing fragile gets broken or fractured. Be sure to know where you put everything so that when you do need to go and find something you can find it fast, and you will not disturb your whole unit in the process. 

If you think that a storage unit is right for you and If you are considering renting a storage unit come and talk to us at Storage in Lafayette CO. We would love to get you started. We will keep all of your belongings locked up and safe for as long as they are in there.

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