Using your unit during Thanksgiving

The thanksgiving holiday means either traveling to a relatives house or offering your own home for the festivities. Hosting thanksgiving can mean relatives coming just for dinner, or maybe to stay the night (or even a few nights). Having all of these guests can make your home crowded and feel stuffy. If you made the bold decision to host thanksgiving this year, here are a few tips to make this week go by more smoothly. 


At first thought using your Lafayette Storage Units storage unit during the holidays may seem silly and like there would not be much use for it, but there are many ways you can make the most of your unit this November. One way is to use your unit is to store any furniture that you need moved or removed to make room for all of your guests. Temporary moving items into your unit can open up your living space for that large table you need for thanksgiving. This will free up a significant amount of room in your room. A storage unit will be cheaper than having all of your guests stay in hotels. 


Another way to free up some space is to put any summer items into storage. This is a slightly smaller project as you can put them into storage and leave these items for months until the weather warms up; rather than put something in storage for only a week. 


If your storage unit is already being used for other items, the next best thing to do is keep your home clean and clutter free. A few days before guests start to arrive, do a deep clean of your house and get everything organized and ready for the fun and chaos that thanksgiving brings. 


Enjoy this wonderful season with your loved ones, and eat lots of good food. Happy Thanksgiving!

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