Unpacking your tailgating supplies

Tailgating is an exciting part of college and professional football, as it is the perfect opportunity to catch up with friends in family right before enjoying a sporting event. But there is a lot of time and work that goes into hosting a successful tailgate. There is food prep, carting your grills or other cooking appliances to and from the stadium, tailgate games, and so much more. 


Stressing about where you should be storing your tailgating items in between games is something you should not have to worry about. Storing your things in your garage is inconvenient and time consuming as these things may be constantly in your way. It also clutters your garage and can be annoying. Storing your items in your Temperature Controlled Storage Lafayette storage unit is a great way to store your things. They will be in a safe, secure area while not taking up space in your home or garage. It will also keep everything together and organized in a way that makes a quick unpack into your truck simple and easy. 


Perishables like food should be kept at your house and refrigerated if necessary. These things can be packed up the night before then put in the refrigerator in the boxes. This makes it easy to wake up in the morning, get ready, then grab all of the food on the way out. Other food that does not need to be refrigerated can be packed up and set in a very visible space in your kitchen so you do not forget it. 


Before the event, also think about what furniture or seating you will be bringing. These things can be stored in your garage or in your storage unit depending on the amount of available space you have in both locations. Seating can be bulky so make sure your car will have enough room for them. 

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