Types of Rodents and Pests that Infest Storage Units

Rodents and Mice. These are the biggest concern because they can fit through very small opening, reproduce quickly, and do much damage. They will eat and chew through almost anything.

Roaches. Cockroaches make great stowaways. They also can fit through small spaces and reproduce quickly. They can spread diseases and can trigger asthma and allergies.

Bed Bugs. These pests can spread quickly and easily between storage units. They can survive for a year without eating and in extreme temperatures.

Although these rodents and pests pose a threat and risk to your items while they are in Lafayette storage, there are preventative measures you can take to keep your items safe.

· Make sure that your unit has a water and an airtight seal. No crack is too small for these pests, so seal up all cracks and holes- on the inside and outside of the unit.

· Keep shrubbery away from your storage unit.

· Moisture attracts these pests, so eliminate moisture in and around your storage unit.

· Store your items in plastic containers as apposed to boxes.

· Clean all items thoroughly before you store them.

· Do not store food items or live plants.

· Regularly clean and inspect your unit for pests.

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