Types of pests that can infest your storage unit

Pests can be a problem if they get into your storage unit. Things could get eaten, infested with bugs, or destroyed. But do not worry you can prevent this from happening.


What could be infesting your storage unit?


Mice and rodents: they can get in through very small cracks and holes. They reproduce quickly and cause a lot of damage to items in the unit. Things will be eaten and chewed through. 


Bed bugs: These bugs can survive long periods of time without food and they can withstand extreme temperatures. They can spread from unit to unit very fast. 


Other bugs: there are a variety of other bugs that can infiltrate your unit: cockroaches, ants, etc..


But there are preventive measures you can take to pest proof your unit


-Consider using plastic containers with a tight seal instead of cardboard boxes, they can also take up less space


-make sure that there are no traces of food anywhere. Clean any kitchen appliances well, and insure that no food remains. Keep any food and snacks for the people they helped out till after the unit packed and closed. This will insure that no food gets into the unit that will attract pests.


-get raised pallets so pests can not get underneath your boxes. 


-Use pests deterrents, like peppermint oil soaked cotton balls or cedar blocks. There are also a variety of sprays and traps that can be used.


-Be sure to check your unit regular so you can check and monitor your unit


-If you discover a pest problem, call a professional. They can help you get rid of them and they can give you additional tips on how to prevent an infestation from happening again. 


We want you to be able to keep all of your things stored and safe in your Temperature Controlled Storage Lafayette unit. 

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