Trading Your Summer Tools for Winter Ones in Self Storage Units

For many out-of-state transplants, the frequent autumn snowstorm in the Denver area can be a significant shock. I remember one year that someone had moved in across the street from me. They were from California, huge stereotype here, right? Anyway, they were here three days, and a blizzard hit. You know the kind – those that get national media attention, drop a lot of snow in a day or so, break a lot of trees, then melt away within a week at max. Well, they couldn’t handle it, and I kid you not – they high-tailed it out of Colorado as fast as their moving truck could take them. I always joke about these storms because they come and discourage people from moving to Colorado whilst all of us natives laugh up our sleeves and wait for the next bright and sunny day.

Time to trade the lawn mower for the snow blower

On a more serious note though, may people come looking for temperature-controlled storage in Lafayette as an added safeguard for their lawn and garden tools during the winter months. I call it the flipping of the tools, wherein many of our customers come in with their leaf blowers, lawn mowers, weed whackers, etc. and trade them for the good old workhorse of a snow blower, shovels, ice scrapers, etc.

How to keep your equipment in good repair while storing

To properly store any of these items effectively long term, there are several steps to take. First and foremost – drain all gasoline from your lawn mower or snow blower. Storing any piece of equipment with gasoline still in the tank in a self-storage unit is illegal. Besides that, the gasoline breaks down during storage, potentially damaging your machine. Remove any and all spark plugs during long-term storage and make sure that your equipment and tools are thoroughly clean.

While many people have room in their garage for these tools, the available space can often be better used to keep the vehicles out of the snow (and free of scraping), something that, to me is the worst exchange for our amazing climate in Colorado. Visit Elite Storage in Lafayette, CO to see how we can save you from the scraping by opening space in your garage.

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