Tips to Help you Move

We all know the drill. You’ve been planning a move for the last several months. Somehow, your great intentions of packing a box or two a week have fallen by the wayside when you found the old CDs and were caught on memory lane. So, here you are, with a week or two to go, a handful of boxes, a little packing tape, and feeling stressed and overwhelmed. You’re rethinking your life and wondering how you accumulated all of this stuff.

News flash – moving stinks. It’s expensive, time consuming, and exhausting. There are a few things that can help you plan for it. Let’s go back to the initial decision to move. You wanted to be closer to work, family, or have outgrown your starter home. You’ve found a great place with natural light, more room and in a great neighborhood. So, why are you contemplating taking a match to it all and walking away?

Purge, purge, purge

Did you get that? No? We’ll try one more time – purge. Our society has somehow given the misconception that stuff is equal to having happiness and success. You can use a six-month rule with your possessions. If you haven’t used it in six months, you need to donate, sell, or trash it. This doesn’t necessarily mean your great grandmother’s china, but those cords that you don’t remember what they go to, your VHS tapes, and your collection of plastic grocery bags – it’s completely ok to get rid of them.

Get a storage unit

After you’ve purged your unneeded items, find short-term self storage in Lafayette CO. Having a designated place for everything will help you stay focused and motivated. In so doing, you are giving yourself the peace of planning and contemplating what you need and designating a location to be the holding place for your items as you pack them up. Being able to have a place to move things can help you feel less stressed during the transition time. Commit to take a specified number of boxes to the unit each week and do it.

Get great boxes

Everyone has a favorite type of (free) moving box. If you ask, you’ll get advice on the best moving boxes. After four moves in six years, I discovered a hidden secret one morning when I was sitting in the McDonald’s drive through waiting for my breakfast. They have boxes! I will never use any other box than one from the golden arches. Their French fry boxes are sturdy, uniform, and just the right size. Packing in the uniform boxes as much as possible will keep your packing efficient. An added bonus is that these boxes are big enough to make a dent in your stuff, and are small enough to not get too heavy. As you stack them in your Lafayette, CO storage unit, try to stack the boxes with their labels showing and if possible, organize by room.

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