Tips on Decluttering Your Home

Clutter. It just seems to accumulate at an ever-growing pace and sometimes it’s hard to keep up. That dining room table may have been clean last week but it didn’t last for long. Lafayette Storage is a company that cares about more than just storing your belongings, we want to provide you with useful tips that will help you in your everyday life. Here are our best tips for decluttering your home.


Sell Some Stuff

How much of that stuff in your home is actually used on a regular basis? You may have clothes that you haven’t worn in years or electronics that haven’t seen the light of day in ages. It may be time to take inventory of all your belongings and make a list of what items you’d like to sell. There are several ways to go about selling your items: you can make a list with your contact information and hang it up at work or in your neighborhood, you can create online listings on various websites, or you can practice word of mouth by telling your friends and family. Just remember- what is one man’s trash, is another man’s treasure.

Donate Your Belongings

Can’t sell it or just don’t want to take the time? Why not donate? There are several people in the world that could use a little help and what you may think is a little could go a long way. Old clothes, furniture, and dishes are all items that are extremely useful and could help a family in need. Now would also be a good time to go through your kitchen pantry and donate all of the food items that you probably won’t get around to eating. Better to donate than to just let them expire.

Store Items Not in Use

Do you have items that you don’t want to sell or donate but are tired of them taking up room? Here’s where Lafayette Storage can help you out. We have a wide variety of clean and secure storage units for you to store those belongings that you care about but don’t currently have space for. We’ll do our best to protect your storage so that you’ll have peace in mind in knowing that it will be there when you need it again.

Trash and Recycle

What about items that you can’t sell, donate, or store? It might be time to trash and recycle several possessions that are simply of no use anymore. Old documents (provided they are not important) can be recycled (or shredded if they contain sensitive information) as well as old magazines. If you have clothes that are in terrible condition, trash them. If you have items that are broken and unfixable, trash or recycle if you can.

Follow these steps and you’ll start to feel more organized in no time. Plus, who doesn’t love having a little extra space in their home?


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