Tips from the Pros – Staging Your Home

As if moving wasn’t stressful enough, you may be looking at selling your home, meaning that you need to fix all of those little things that you meant to get done, have your home showing ready, and get yourself packed up all at once. Experts agree that the better you stage your home, the better offers you can receive. At Elite Storage units in Lafayette CO, we often talk to people as they are preparing to sell their home and they’ve shared tips that have helped them. We’re passing them along to you so that you may benefit.  

The first impression 

Curb appeal is huge. Think about it, would you purchase a home with sagging screens, a messed-up lawn, and shrubs that look like a bunch of military recruits pre crew cut? You might, but you would make a lower offer, right? To get an idea about what a potential buyer sees, look at your home from across the street. What do you see? Make notes and tidy up the lawn, flower beds, trim trees and shrubs, and so on.  

Bonus tip: hang a cheerful door decoration. This gives prospective buyers a warm feeling as they walk in. 


In a perfect world, you have known that a move was coming for months and you’ve been able to pack up most of your belongings before your house went on the market. For many though, this is not a luxury that they can enjoy. Pack up as much of your stuff and leave your home with minimal furniture, knick-knacks, etc. This will help you quickly clean up when a showing is scheduled as well as make your home look larger and more open. Pack and store some items at a local self storage unit, such as those at our Lafayette, CO storage, Elite Storage.  

Bonus tip: leave curtains open as you leave for a showing. This floods your home with natural light. 

Secrets that make a huge difference 

For that added little boost, there are a few tips that promise to make a difference. Some realtors recommend using candles, candle warmers, or essential oil diffusers as ways to connect with prospective buyers on a deeper level. To give your home a warm and comforting feeling, you can boil a small pan of water with cinnamon and vanilla, which makes your home smell amazing. Using a few drops of citrus essential oils in a diffuser in the bathrooms, laundry room, or bedrooms gives the room a cheerful feel and conveys a feeling of cleanliness.   

Bonus tip: if you are showing your home near a holiday, make sure to have the house decorated. This helps people see themselves in your home at festive times. 

Even though staging your home can be stressful, taking a few moments to create a mood can make a huge difference. 

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