Tips for packing a moving truck

Packing a moving truck can be stressful but do not worry there are a ton of ways to maximize your storage space in the truck. 


Know what size of truck you need for your moving project

Reserve your truck a few weeks before the move to ensure you have the right truck for the size and volume of your belongings. Most rental companies have a large selection of sizes for you to choose from. Be sure to get a truck that is large enough to take all of your belongings. Getting a smaller truck will require more trips back and forth and in the long run it can cost you even more money. Read your rental company’s size guide, and if you need more help call them and ask. 


Get help

Thinking about packing and moving all be yourself? It is better to call friends and family for help. Moving heavy objects to and from the moving car can be dangerous and you could get hurt. This can also make the move take a lot of time. Getting others to help can save you time and money because you will not need the moving truck for as long. 


Gather all of the necessary packing supplies

Be sure to have everything you need before you start the packing process. That includes boxes, tape, a dolly, plastic wrap, and furniture pads. It is especially important to pack everything with proper protection so nothing is damaged as it is moved. 


Load everything in order from heaviest and biggest to lightest and smallest

Ready to start loading your truck? Start with your heaviest and largest items such as: mattresses, bed frames, appliances, couches, tables, and chairs. Put these at the bottom of the truck so they will not crush or break anything. But heavier items near the front of the truck near the cab. From there you can pack all of the smaller items. Be aware of where you are putting fragile items, put them in a place where they will not be crushed or moved. Take care when unloading your belongings into your Storage in Lafayette CO.



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