Tips for decluttering before the holidays

The holiday season is a great time to get together with friends and family, but these months can be busy. Housework can sometimes be hard to keep up on and chances are there will not be time to clean everything before your guests arrive. Make a cleaning list to ensure your priority areas are clean. Add any rooms that will be seen and used by your guest. If you happen to have free time then the other areas of your home can be cleaned. If you find anything that you want to keep but not in your house put it in your Self Storage in Lafayette CO. But do not stress about your kid’s room having toys on their floor. No one will see it but you.


Once your list has been established create a cleaning schedule. Instead of the 25 days of christmas movie marathon it can be the 25 days of cleaning. You can declutter a little each day until your house is looking clean and festive. This is also a great opportunity to get your family involved, so you do not have to do all of the work. Have them pick up after themselves, and do anything else that needs to be done (that is within a child’s cleaning skill level). 


The use of festive smelling cleaning products are a great way to help keep your house clean and smelling good. Find something that smells like pumpkin, cinnamon, vanilla bean noel, peppermint, or even christmas sugar cookies. If you do not want to use scented products scented candles are a great alternative to get your house smelling festive. 


Be sure to take an inventory of what is in your kitchen (like how many plates, bowls, cups, and silverware you own). This way you can know if you need anything way before your event, and you can run to the store and buy it. 


Set up an area that can be used solely for gift wrapping. Gift wrapping will probably take up more room than you originally think it will. By having a predesignated area you are keeping all of the mess contained in the single area, as opposed to have wrapping paper in your family room. 


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