Tips and tricks to help you have a smoother move

Moving can be very stressful, packing up your life and moving it somewhere else. Everything from packing to unpacking is filled with challenges and struggles. 


One of the first things to think about when starting to pack is what is actually important? What do you actually want to bring to your new place? Decluttering can help you pack what you want to, and get rid of what you never use. Make different piles for take, sell, donate, or throw away, so that even if you aren’t going to take something with you, someone can still use it. You might even find somethings that you want to put in your Lafayette CO Storage unit. 


Make sure that you get quality boxes, and enough of them to pack everything you have. Quality boxes will insure that your belongings are secure and not in jeopardy of getting broken or spilled all over your car or a moving van. Also make sure to not over pack the boxes, that can also cause them to break. It will also help when moving the boxes because they will be lighter and easier to carry. 


Labelling boxes can help a move be more organized and carefree. When packing write on the boxes or make a label, so you know where each box will go. Then once it is time to unpack you will know what goes where, and that can save a lot of time. Instead of opening every box to see what is in it you can already know. 


Once moving day finally arrives, make sure you have a game plan. This way it will be less chaotic. Everyone can have assigned roles and they know what is expected of them. Make sure you take your time so you do not make mistakes or break something . Taking your time will also help you, when going through the boxes to make  sure nothing has been forgotten. Everything will run more smoothly. 


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