Things You Should Know Before You Rent Lafayette Self Storage

Do I need to buy a lock?

Yes, you should always have a lock on your Lafayette storage unit. Some facilities provide locks for you to purchase, and some do not. Before you purchase a unit, ask the storage facility whether or not they provide them.

Should I get insurance?

Lafayette Storage facilities are not responsible for your belongings, so it is your responsibility to make sure they are protected. Sometimes your items will be covered under your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, but if not, storage facilities offer their own protection plans.

Can I use my storage unit for more than just storage?

Some storage facilities only allow you to use storage for inanimate objects, while others let you use it for other purposes like band practice. Before you decided to rent a storage unit, ask the facility for their rules and restrictions.

What size unit should I rent?

Every storage facility has a description of what each of their units will hold. Before you decide on a unit size, measure everything you plan to store to make sure you will have enough room. It is better to have more than enough room so that you can easily walk around your unit to find things that you need.

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