Things You Can do to Get Your Boat Back in Shape

It is that time, boating season. If you are like most people your boat has been safely stored away for the past few months during the winter. You may even have stored your boat with us at Storage Units Lafayette CO. Boating is one of the greatest activities to do during the summer. Most boats need to get wiped back into shape after those long winter months. There are many things you can do before your first run of the season to make sure your boat is running in tip top shape. 


The first thing you should do is reconnect your battery. Ideally you have stored this in a much safer environment like a basement or garage. The battery is such an important part of the boat and it is important that you have a good battery. Before you reconnect the battery make sure you check the battery’s terminals and clean off any debris for it. 


You should next check and change your oil. When oil sits in the cold for a few months it thickens and separates. It is smartest to have fresh oil for your first run. Also make sure to check that oil filter and if needed replace it. 


This next step is a simple one but very important when it comes to your boat. Make you put those drain plugs in. Without them your boat would not do very well. 


You should also make sure you check on the propeller. Make sure that there are no dents, cracks, or distortions. If there are any make sure you replace it. Propellers need to be scratch free to be able to perform the best.


Boating is a great hobby especially during those hot summer months. By doing the little things for maintenance at the start of the season your boat should last all summer long. When winter comes again to keep your boat in quality condition use one of our units and it will be safe during the off-season. 



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