The Pros of Temperature Controlled Storage

Renting a storage unit at Elite Storage in Lafayette means you have the option of having a Temperature Controlled Storage Unit at our facility. To aid you in deciding whether temperature controlled storage is right for your storage needs, below are some pros when it comes to a temperature controlled storage unit.

Protection from Natural Elements

Your items will be kept safe from the ever changing seasons. A temperature controlled unit will keep the items that need extra protection from elements safe by giving your unit a steady temperature year round. Fluctuations in temperature can often damage furniture, pictures, and family heirlooms.

Higher Security

Not only will your items be protected from the natural elements and temperature fluctuations, but you will also have higher security with a temperature controlled storage unit. Most units have inside access to your storage unit. This gives us the ability to provide you with added levels of security cameras, access codes, and keys for added protection.

Protection from Pests

Having temperature controlled storage will give you extra protection from pests as well. Because the access to your unit is inside a building there is less of a chance of getting pests into your unit directly. Most storage units have their unit doors on the outside. The door is often not enough protection or allows gaps for those pesky pests to enter. Having a storage unit with indoor access eliminates direct access for pests.

Now that you know the pros of having temperature controlled storage you can better determine what kind of storage unit is right for you at Elite Storage in Lafayette. We have a variety of storage units for you to choose from depending on your storage needs. For more information on our temperature controlled storage units call or stop by our facility today.

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