The Great Christmas Debate Rages On

As we look around, it becomes even more evident that we’re living in a contentious world that is becoming downright rigid. As we brainstormed these hotspot issues amongst ourselves at Elite Storage in Lafayette, CO, we came up with the ultimate issue that divides us all, the single thing that we just are not willing to budge on – real or fake.  

It seems that people have deep-seated beliefs that define their very identity and they simply cannot be swayed on this issue of authenticity. Beliefs and even values are assigned, affecting a person’s identity, with the core belief being passed through families, for generations, at least before the fake ones were so widely available. 

Which camp are you in – Team Fake or Team Real? 

Despite a rocky start, with many adjustments, the market share for the fake folks has steadily increased, especially since the early versions were rather flawed. Now that they’ve become more realistic, more people can see themselves crossing the line and embracing artificial components as a staple in their Christmas decorations and the artificial Christmas tree is gaining market share. 

(You did know that we were talking about Christmas trees, right? What did you think we meant – hamburger patties?) 

Advocates of artificial trees cite their convenience, one-time cost, and that options are more and more lifelike. Using an artificial tree is easier since there is no care required like frequent watering during the fun-filled December days and artificial trees are less messy. They argue that cutting down live trees is less environmentally sound than a single purchase.  

Those in the real or die camp, argue that Christmas tree growers must use sustainable farming methods and that artificial trees create more waste. Nearly 85 percent of all real trees are recycled, since most communities have tree disposal programs. These stalwart traditionalists find that the sensory experience of a real tree cannot be surpassed. 

With a childhood of allergies and asthma, I was the buzzkill for family members wanting to have a real Christmas tree. As such, I never had the experience of the whole real tree thing unlike my colleagues at our Lafayette storage units.  

Have an opinion and want to share on this one – come on in and let us know. 

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