Taking your Thanksgiving items out of storage

For many families there are specific cookware, silverware, and serving dishes that are used at every thanksgiving day dinner. This is a tradition for some and for others just a long kept habit. Either way these items are special and should be kept in places where they are not at risk for getting damaged. Because some of these dishes and other cookware are not used for any other occasion, storing them in your Lafayette Storage Units storage unit can be a great storage option. 


Keeping things in a closet is an easy way for a box to get knocked off a shelf. Storing these items in a storage unit instead of a closet or basement storage room can keep these items safer, and the dishes will be at less risk for getting chipped or broken from a fall. A closet is also less secure and smaller children are prone to getting into things they are not supposed to. 


When packing these items it is important to use proper protective materials. Use these materials around the items and in the gaps between them. Doing this will help keep your belongings from shifting or moving as the boxes are transferred to and from the storage unit. The best protective materials to use are bubble wrap, packing peanuts, crumpled newspaper, towels, or even tee-shirts. Be sure to label any boxes you pack so you know exactly what is in everything and will be able to take out only what you need. 


Properly protecting your items will keep them prepped and ready to go for the next holiday season. Eliminate the stress and know that everything is being kept safe and sound in your unit. A few days before the holidays you can go to your unit and retrieve any items you need. We hope you enjoy a fun and stress free holiday season. 

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