Storing Your Devices

We all have extra devices and electronics lying around the house that are not being used whether it is a phone, tablet, or computer. These items are important to keep around and to be stored. Here at Self Storage in Lafayette CO we offer many great storage options that are just right for you. If you don’t have space in your home a storage unit can be a great place to keep all of these extra electronics. When you go to store your electronics there are a few things that you can do to help them be safe while in storage. 


The first thing you should do when getting your devices ready for storage is to first clean them. Take some time and thoroughly clean each and every device you want to store. There should be no dust left on any device. Dust can and will ruin electronic devices if they are not cleaned. 


After all your devices are cleaned you should then take inventory and organize everything you wish to store. This will help you not misplace or forget any items. Write down what the device is and what box you put it in. 


For all devices you wish to store, make sure you have their data. If there are any pictures or other data on these devices make sure you get them off or put them somewhere else. Data can easily get lost so it is important that you have the data somewhere else also.


When packing make sure you protect all screens. You can do this by wrapping the screen in bubble wrap or other wrap material. You just want to make sure that that screen is very protected before you store. The best packing for devices is original packing so if you have the origins box your phone came in you should use that for storage. 


Devices should be stored in a cool dry place and a perfect place like that is a storage unit. If you would like to get a unit today don’t hesitate give us a call now!

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