Storing Electronic Devices

Most household items are easy to store. All you have to do is pack them up, and put them in a storage unit; you don’t have to take much thought besides that. With electronics though, it’s a different story. There are many precautions you need to take when storing electronics to make sure they are safe and remain in good working condition for when you take them out of storage.

Elite Storage offers these simple tips to help you keep your electronics safe in storage:

· Before anything, you need to remove all extra parts. Such as wires, cords, CD’s, and anything else that is detachable. Also label everything that you detach so you will not forget its use or where it attaches. Batteries also need to be removed. Batteries can leak, causing corrosion. This will end up ruining your electronic device.

· When you are wrapping up your electronics, never use plastic. Plastic does not allow moisture to dry, so it is leaving your electronics open to water damage. It is best to wrap your electronics in blankets or towels.

· Using dehumidifying agents like silica gel packets to help protect your electronics. These will help absorb any moisture that has potential to ruin your electronics.

· Stack your electronics on boards instead of directly on the floor. This will also help prevent water damage and scratches.

· Bubble wrap is another great way to protect your electronics. It will help keep your glass screens and monitors.

· To reduce attracting attention from thieves, mark expensive electronics such as laptops, camcorders, and computers in unmarked boxes. Also placing them in the back of the storage unit and out of site will help as well.

· Make sure you also seal boxes completely with tape to keep dust out.

For more tips on storing electronics, or to rent a storage unit in Lafayette, visit our website today!

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