Storing and Organizing Holiday Decorations

It’s that time of year again with Halloween just around the corner and Thanksgiving and Christmas will soon be knocking on the door. More people than ever are going all out with indoor and outdoor Holiday decorations. Whether it’s that oversized skeleton or a large artificial Christmas tree, your Holiday decorations can take up a lot of space and also take a lot of time to find if they are not stored and organized in a smart, easy way. That’s where Elite Storage comes into play. With the nicest facility and storage units Lafayette, CO has to offer, we can be a great option for keeping your Holiday decorations safely stored and organized. With this article we’ll be sharing some great organizational and storing tips for your Holiday items.

Before you start organizing and storing your holiday decorations, we suggest you take the opportunity to do some decluttering. Get rid of any damaged or outdated decorations that no longer fit into the holiday feel you are going for. This will simplify and reduce that number of decorations you’ll need to organize and store and save you time and money. Plan to keep only those items that you know you’ll want to sue in future holiday seasons.

Sort your holiday decorations and have on hand storage bins that are strong and that will last a long, long time. As for sorting, sort by actual holiday or by decoration categories like lighting or ornaments, etc…. And as for strong storage bins, invest in high quality bins that will stand the test of many holiday seasons to come. If you can find strong bins that are also clear, that’s a great way to go in order to avoid opening and closing your bins to find stuff. Label your bins that have fragile items to warn yourself to handle these bins in a safer manner. You should wrap with bubble wrap or paper any especially fragile items like ornaments to give them extra padding. Another good rule of thumb with your bins is to label, label, label. This will make it super easy to identify what is in each bin and help you keep seasonal bins organized close to each other. Label all 4 sides so you don’t have to rotate your bins to see what is inside.

Storing your holiday decorations in a temperature controlled environment is also a smart approach and you’re in luck because at Elite Storage in Lafayette, CO  , we offer over 500 temperature controlled self storage units. For your valuable holiday decorations that are temperature sensitive to temperature, we suggest renting a temperature controlled self storage unit.

Keep a documented list of all your holiday decorations and regular inspect your temperature controlled self storage unit so it stays organized for when you need to retrieve that big, 10 foot tall skeleton or that snowman inflatable. Storing your holiday decorations can be made fun and easy knowing that the upfront effort will pay off in the long run. With careful organization, you can minimize any stress related to decorating for the holidays.

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