Storage units are for more than long term storage

Storage units are typically viewed as something people use when they need a place to store a bunch of boxes for a very long period of time. This is very typical and many people do use their unit for this purpose, but if that is not what you need it for that is ok. If you are looking to store some furniture for a move, looking for some seasonal storage for a boat, or simply do not know how long you need to store stuff then a storage unit is exactly what you need. 


There are no time limits on our Lafayette CO Storage storage units so you can rent one for however long you think you will need it. This could be a few weeks or for months at a time depending on your situation. To check for prices and different sizes that are offered refer to our website. There are suggestions for what units will fit what, but if you are unsure if you need a larger unit than what is suggested give us a call and do some personal research to see how well you can pack your unit. 


Choosing a size for your unit is another key decision once you decide to get a storage unit. If you are thinking of storage for a short time then a smaller unit that perfectly fits the specific belongings you wish to store is ideal, as you will save money as opposed to getting a larger unit with more space then you will need. Once you have the unit you can go inside and get a feel for the space, and begin to plan how you will arrange your belongings going into storage. 


Getting a storage unit can eliminate the clutter and piled boxes in your home’s designated storage room. If you have been thinking about getting a storage unit it may be time to take that leap and finally rent one. 


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