Storage Unit Maintenance: A Fresh Start for the New Year

As we go into the new year, it is the perfect time to become more organized. For those who utilize storage units, January is an opportune moment to initiate a comprehensive maintenance plan, ensuring that your storage space remains a secure and well-organized haven for your belongings. In this blog post, we’ll explore the importance of storage unit maintenance and provide practical tips for starting the year with a clean slate.

  1. Evaluate Your Inventory

The first step in storage unit maintenance is a thorough evaluation of your inventory. Take stock of the items in your unit, assess their condition, and decide whether each item is still relevant to your needs. This helps with decluttering and uses your storage space efficiently.

  1. Update Your Inventory List

If you haven’t already, maintain or create an inventory list of the items in your storage unit. This list can be a digital document or a physical record, detailing what’s stored in each box or section. Updating your list at the very beginning of the year simplifies the process of getting certain items when needed, and keeps track of your belongings.

  1. Cleaning and Organization

It is so helpful to start off the year with a clean storage unit.  Sweep or vacuum the floors, wipe down surfaces, and remove any dust or cobwebs. Consider organizing items into labeled bins or boxes for a neater appearance and easier access. Creating zones for different categories of items can significantly contribute to the overall organization.

  1. Assess and Update Security Measures

It is so important to have good security with a storage unit. Take this opportunity to assess and update security measures. Ensure that locks are in good condition, and consider upgrading to more secure options if needed. If your storage facility offers additional security features, such as surveillance cameras or access control systems, verify their proper functioning.

  1. Properly Store Seasonal Items

If your storage unit contains seasonal items like holiday decorations or summer sports equipment, organize them accordingly. Consider creating sections for different seasons and rotating items as needed. This not only facilitates easier access but also ensures that only relevant items occupy the prime storage space.

  1. Implement Storage-Friendly Packaging

You can reevaluate the packaging of all your items. Consider using storage-friendly materials such as plastic bins, which provide better protection against dust and pests compared to cardboard boxes. Ensure that fragile items are properly wrapped and secured to prevent breakage.

  1. Create Clear Aisles and Walkways

Optimize the layout of your storage unit by creating clear aisles and walkways. This makes it easier to access items and reduces the risk of damage when retrieving or rearranging belongings. Avoid stacking items too high, and leave enough space for easy maneuvering.

  1. Donate or Dispose of Unneeded Items

Part of maintaining an organized storage unit is letting go of items that are no longer needed. If you come across items that no longer serve a purpose or hold sentimental value, consider donating them or disposing of them responsibly. This not only frees up space but also contributes to a clutter-free and purposeful storage environment.

In conclusion, starting off the new year with good maintenance in your storage unit, can make a huge impact on the rest of the year. It gives a great kick-start to the new year, in keeping things organized. Here at Self Storage in Lafayette CO we want to do whatever we can to keep your storage unit nice and organized.


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