Storage Unit Basics: Making the Space Work

Storage units are extremely helpful when looking to de-clutter one’s home or when one runs out of space. They have numerous benefits, but to make the most out of them, they have to be as organized as possible. Without a proper arrangement, one will not only find it difficult to keep track of items, but will also waste a lot of space in their Lafayette Storage Units. To make things easy, the following steps can help in organizing one’s space;


Demarcating different zones for different items from different rooms will make it easy. Most of the time, items from on area will need to be place together because of their nature. For instance, kitchen appliances are normally fragile and prone to damage, and must therefore be stored in one area. Smaller items that are likely to get lost within the rest of the stored belongings should also be kept together.


It might seem over the top, but creating a layout on paper might help. Plot the layout on a sheet of paper, then note where everything is stored. The different zones created can be marked on the sheet of paper such that a record of where everything is stored is available. One could go as far as numbering the different sections, with lists of what is contained in different boxes. Needless to say, keep the layout safe as it will help with unloading and finding different stored items.


Apart from the demarcation and drawing of layouts and plans, it helps to label the boxes themselves. There are different ways to label boxes, but it helps to have them easy to read. Use a permanent marker on the box, or label a card and stick it onto the box. Whatever the technique chosen, make sure they will be readable through the duration of the storage. Also, mark the outward facing sides to help with easy identification when they are stacked on top of one another.


When one has different sized boxes, the need to stack up boxes will probably have them fitting in awkwardly sized boxes in with the normal shaped ones. Choose sizes that can be easily lifted, and that can easily be stacked and remain stable. The loading and unloading should not be a struggle, and should not be unsafe, both for the unit tenant and the items in storage.

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