Sports Fans, Are You Ready for Some Football?

Let’s be blunt, shall we? For a considerable percent of the population, the COVID-19 pandemic has left them without their favorite pastimesports. This doesn’t suggest that sports are more important than public health and safety measures, rather that in addition to the social distancing and lost person-to-person contact, they may be feeling a void in their life. OK, full disclosure, I am completely one of those people. In our close and extended family, my husband and I are well-known as the sports buffs.  

Even though there is no word yet on the 2020 football season, it is reasonable to think that there will be some effect 

Whilst grieving the cancellation of the NCAA Basketball Tournament, suspension of the Nuggets, Rockies’, and Avs seasons, and uncertainty of the football season, I dusted off some old tapes to watch the good ole’ days of Mile-Hi Magic. I may or may not have been humming “Taps” as I wandered around 

If I had to pick my all-time favorite Denver sports team, it would be Broncos all the way. With the less-than-perfect, mostly rotten, but ending with a ray of hope season last year, I’ve been extremely anxious to see the adjustments made with Fangio’s hands on the reins. (See what I did there? Completely intentional.) 

I ran across something that literally made my heart soar the other day and I am passing it along to my other compatriots out there. If you haven’t yet heard, the National Football League is giving free access to its NFL Game Pass through May 31, 2020 in the US and July 31, 2020 for international subscribers. The NFL Game Pass offer is not available in neither Canada nor China. 

Included in this streaming offer (from or via the NFL Mobile App) is enough football content to keep your sports-deprived heart satisfied through this time of isolation and uncertainty. You can watch any game in its entirety from the 2009-2019 seasons, as well as preseason and playoff games. Yes, Super Bowl 50 Is available to relive every sack and witness Von Miller’s MVP performance. For more details, visit: ( 

For complete transparency, the information in this article is shared without any affiliate commission from the NFL to your favorite Lafayette, CO storage leader, Elite Storage. We just want to help fill your time of confinement with a few happier moments. 

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