Shopping for Groceries Safely

Even during a world-wide pandemic, our need for food never goes away. Which means grocery shopping is a necessity, but many people still worry about doing it safely.


The Food and Drug Administration says there is no evidence of human or animal food or food packaging being associated with transmission of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. But there are still things we can do to protect ourselves, workers and other shoppers.


The FDA recommends doing these things:


Prepare a shopping list in advance and buy one to two weeks-worth of food at a time.


Wear a face covering or mask even if the store doesn’t require it.


Carry your own wipes to wipe down the handles of shopping carts or baskets.


Practice social distancing while shopping and keep your hands away from your face.


Wash your hands with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds at home and after you put away your groceries.


As an extra precaution you can wipe down product packaging and allow it to air dry.


Doctors recommend minimizing the number of trips you make to the grocery store. They say keep your trips to once a week or once every other week and don’t go every day. That’s because every time you go into a store its exposure to an enclosed space, they say, which is a breeding ground for the virus.


If you are able to, another option for buying your groceries is having them delivered to your house. This minimizes the trips you are making and reduces your exposure. You will want to be sure to wash all of your produce once it makes it into your home though, even if you buy them yourself.


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