Security Features to Watch for When Choosing a Self Storage Facility

When selecting a self storage facility, security features along with location, price, cleanliness and staff should be toward the top of the checklist. Keeping your belongings safe and secure is a top priority otherwise why would you be going to the effort of string these items. Below is a list of several features to look for when selecting storage in Lafayette, CO. Review and take notes from this list when making your self storage facility selection.

  • First off does the facility have cameras?And if is does, what areas of the facility are covered by the surveillance cameras? You want to look for storage facilities that have a widespread layout of cameras that catch footage of all the areas around where your  items will be stored.
  • Next, do the surveillance cameras operate around the clock. Seems like a silly thing to have to ask but ask anyway. You want to make sure there is non-stop video recording even during daylight, business hours.
  • What is the access like to the facility? Some facilities are gated and some storage facilities are not. The gate acts as the first line of security and is critical if you value the safety of your belongings. In addition to the gate, you will also want to check out the access system. A coded, keypad system that is programmed for the access hours and any other limits is what you want to look for. And it would also be great if the system has tracking included that keeps a record of who is coming and going from the facility.
  • Onsite management is another thing to watch for. This is an obvious advantage when it comers to security, If there is a security issue, they are right there to address it and get the authorities involved quickly as needed. When you visit the facility for the first time, ask to speak with the onsite manager. It may be the person you are talking or the initial person you talk to might be an employee who doesn’t reside full-time at the facility. Either way, speak to the onsite manager if you can to get a good feel for them and their approach to protecting your belongings. They might share some insights about the facility that were not on your security checklist.
  • A walled or fenced perimeter is another key security feature to look for. Most newer facilities will have this in place and it acts as another great first line of security defense.
  • What is the lighting at the facility like? A well lit facility goes a long way when it comes to deterring any potential acts of theft of vandalism. You will most likely be at the facility during daylight hours so it won’t be as easy to see but be watchful for the areas that have lighting to make sure you are comfortable with the how well lit the self storage facility is.
  • Although not exactly related to security, climate controlled facilities typically have great security features in place so whether or not you need climate controlled, if the facility offers climate controlled self storage units, there is a good change that facility will have great security features as well.

If you are coming from an outside area, it isn’t always as easy and practical to visit the storage facility in person, but we suggest you make every effort to do this if you can. And if you are local, then for sure visit the facility and try to meet with the onsite manager to get a full run down of the security features as you look for storage in Lafayette, CO. Taking the time to create a security checklist and verifying that the facility is set up properly to protect your belongings will go a long way toward putting you at ease that your belongings are safe and secure.

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