Say Hello to Daylight Savings Time

We turn the clocks an hour back. What does that mean? This means we are headed into the winter season. We are heading into the most wonderful time of year. It gets lighter earlier and darker earlier. Every year it always surprises me how fast it gets dark in the evenings. We do this every year yet it is still shocking to see the dark so early in our day. 


With daylight savings comes a fun time of year. Thanksgiving is in a couple of weeks and we’re headed towards fun. Thanksgiving is such a fun holiday where you get to get together with all of your friends and family and eat. I have made so many good memories from Thanksgiving. You get to gather together and eat a bunch of food. What gets better than that? All you can eat. The traditions and holidays surrounding this time is just so fun. I’m already hearing Christmas music. For most people Christmas is already almost here. We still have two months but it is close and the happiness is already starting to come.


With this time of year coming if you don’t have one already it is a great time to get a storage unit from Self Storage in Lafayette CO. With winter almost here it’s time to put all of your stuff in storage. A storage unit can be a huge space saver for you. You will find yourself having more space in your home and garage. With a unit you will see how much cleaner your house can be with all of your things gone. This is such a great time of year and a perfect time to get a storage unit.


If you are interested in getting a storage unit give us a call and we will be happy to assist you with all of your needs.


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