Saving the surprise


February means it is time for grocery stores to be filled with chocolate, cheesy cards, teddy bears, valentines, and other cute live themed items. It is a time for lovers to have romantic dinners and for young and old single people to get together in celebration of their friendships. For some it is an opportunity to plan and execute a surprise for their significant other. 


One of the hardest things for a person when planning a surprise like this is keeping it a secret. If you decide to buy flowers, chocolates, candles, ingredients for a nice meal, and/or other decorations and gifts you will need a perfect hiding spot. These items can be bulky and very easy to spot with their typical bright red or pink coloring. It becomes a more difficult task if your significant other lives in the same home as you. 


To completely get rid of the risk of spoiling the surprise you have to think a little outside the box. Maybe think in terms of a different box, like your storage unit. A storage unit is something that keeps your house cluttered but tends to be forgotten about in everyday life until you need something from it. The fact that you rarely think about your storage unit makes it the perfect place to store parts of your surprise. 


By using your storage unit you can get your shopping done early and have everything ready to go for the special day. One caveat to this plan is that you will not want to store any food items in your unit as they will be at risk for spoiling. You can keep everything safe and out of sight then when you are ready to set up for the surprise you can easily access the supplies you need. 


A Lafayette CO Storage temperature controlled unit is more ideal for storing things like these as you will not want them to have a risk of becoming damaged. This may be something to consider when thinking about placing any gifts in the unit. 

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