Road Trip

Road trips can be tons of fun but it is important to know what you should take and what you should leave home. When going on a road trip you definitely do not want to over pack. Over packing can cause problems and you only have so much space. 


The very first things you need to pack are the essentials. You need a driver’s license. Without it you will not make it very far down the road. It is the law so bring it. Make sure the car you are going to drive is ready for a big cross country road trip. You do not want to be in the middle of nowhere and have problems. With this make sure you got that spare tire. Always be prepared for the worst emergency and you will be fine. You should also bring an extra car key just in case anything happens to the first one. 


You will need clothes but do not bring too many. Clothes can take up a lot of space when going on a road trip. Only bring what you will wear. During the car ride you will want clothes that you can stay comfortable in. Sometimes that ride can be long. Bring sunglasses if you are driving or not. No one likes squinting in the car. 


You are going to want a blanket and pillow to help you stay comfortable on the drive. Pillows really can help with that long car ride. Do not forget your phone charger and any other electronics you might want to bring. Electronics are a great way to keep the little ones happy on a long drive. Download many games and movies so your children will never get bored. 


If there are any items that you are not taking but want to keep safe remember us at Lafayette Storage Units. We provide many storage units that will keep anything locked up safe. 


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