Packing up delicate christmas decorations

The Christmas season has come and now it is time to clean your house, get rid of all that ripped wrapping paper, and pack away your Christmas decorations. Getting your home back into some sense of order after the holidays takes time, and organization. Staying organized in your take-down holiday decorations will help you next year when you go to set them up again. You should label any boxes you use, then store them in your home’s storage room, or in your Storage Units Lafayette CO storage unit. 


Christmas decorations range from ornate works of art to cute little plastic pieces. Decorations made from plastic or other durable materials do not need to be packaged with multiple layers of protection. On the other hand more delicate decorations need to be packaged and handled with care. 


A common delicate decoration is tree ornaments. One way to package these ornaments is to first individually wrap each ornament in newspaper. Make the newspaper layer thick enough that it will provide some protection to the ornament. Then place all of the ornaments in a box. If any ornaments come in boxes or other shipping containers keep these, as this is a perfect way to store them long term and protect them. 


Take stock of what you have currently and if anything has been broken or needs repair. Fixing these items before storing them will save you time when you go to set everything up again. Knowing what you have will save you money as you will not be accidentally buying doubles of some of your decorations. 


If you are planning on storing some or all of your decorations in your storage unit be careful where you put certain boxes. Boxes containing delicate decorations should be placed on top of other boxes, and should not have anything put on top of them. Heavy items could potentially damage some of your delicate items, and it is better to play it safe. 

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