Packing up a Bedroom

Summer is upon us but for some people summer can come with change. During the end of May and the state to June there are lots of graduations. For these graduates this is a fun and adventurous time in life. As for high school graduates they get to move on to bigger and better and with all that comes lots and lots of packing. Before you know it you and your child will be starting to pack up their childhood bedroom.


Thinking about packing up a bedroom can seem like a daunting task but it is easier than what you might think. The first thing you should do is become organized. Start by grabbing a few boxes and bags and label them as the trash, keep, take to college, and store away. This will help your packing go by so much easier. 


Now comes the fun part just jumping right into it. Start grabbing items and putting them into the correct box or bag. This can also be a great opportunity for your child to declutter a little so it really takes you time and decides where everything belongs. Before you know if you will have most of your child’s items packed up. 


Depending on what you child wants to keep you may or may not have enough space for all of it to be stored in your home. If this is your case do not worry our Storage in Lafayette CO is here to help. We have many different units that can safely and easily store all of your child’s items. This can be a great resource for you and your family. If you ever have items that you can’t store you can always use your storage unit. If you have any questions about our units just give us a call.

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