Options for Disposal of Electronics

At the beginning of fall, we often see an uptick as kids go back to school and parents claim their college student’s room as a man-cave or a she-shed. There is one thing that we caution our clients at Elite Storage in Lafayette, CO to avoid putting into storage if at all possible – electronics, computers, gadgets, etc.  Typically, when these items are stored, they quickly become obsolete, if they aren’t already. 

Take an honest look at your electronics, tech, and gadgets. Are they really heading down the other side of their useable life? If so, there are options for you to consider for their use after you are done with them. Two of the more popular options are to recycle or donate them. There are many programs that are available to help you properly re-home your electronics. 

Not only is it a good thing to do, warm fuzzy-wise, to donate or recycle your electronics, it is required by Colorado law. A program that is close-by near I-76 and Wadsworth, Recycling My Computer, accepts many items without a fee, such as DVD players, cameras, cell phones, laptops, keyboards, and most electronics. There is a small fee for monitors, copy machines, and printers. Some newer electronics can be purchased by Recycling My Computer. Please visit their website for more information. http://recyclingmycomputer.com/

For those looking for an outlet that gives back to the community, we recommend Computers with Causes. https://www.computerswithcauses.org/computer-donation-colorado.htm They accept tablets, computers, VR headsets, and office equipment. These items are donated to families in need (who are fully vetted), foster homes, and while some are used commercially, with the proceeds for commercial use going to support the mission of the organization. Donating is easy, you simply schedule a pickup.

For those who need to store their electronics, the environment of a storage unit is not typically conducive to storing these items long-term. Sealing them in plastic can prevent dust, but the temperature fluctuations synonymous to Colorado climate mean that these items are best places in temperature controlled storage, like that offered at Elite Storage.

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