Moving your kid into their college dorm/apartment

It is almost time for highschool seniors to take that next step and graduate from high school. Then they get ready to spread their wings and go to college or move out. Hopefully they are prepared and know what they want to pack and take with them and what is going to be left at home. Do not forget the space you have in your Storage Units Lafayette CO unit. Once these have been decided they can pack their bags and head to their new home. 


Moving into a new home can always be difficult, and when you are a new adult it can be even harder. There are so many new experiences that come with moving. Teens and young adults have to find a room or apartment, meet their roommates, then pack up everything. Suddenly they are on their own living in a new place. 


If it is possible parents can help their kids move in. Helping your child move in can give you some time to get used to the idea of them being gone. Your kid will appreciate your help. You can help get their room organized and clean so they do not have to worry about it as much. 


When starting to unpack, stay organized. Take this project on one box at a time. Doing this can prevent things from getting lost and misplaced. Taking the time when unpacking can save more time later when your kid is looking for something and they can not find it. It also gives you some say on how to help them keep their room organized and clean. 


Enjoy the time you spend with you kids, especially through these last few months before they leave to live their own life. Helping them pack and unpack their belongings is a great way to find a little extra time to spend together. 

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