Moving Tips

Are you planning on moving any time soon? Getting ready to move is a very exciting time. Moving comes with new scenery and new people which can be way fun. Moving can be very stressful at times though. There are so many things that you need to get done to make sure you have a good move. The main thing you need to do is stay organized and manage your time well because that moving day will come up fast. 


6-8 Weeks

The best thing to do is to always start early. When you decide to move make sure you get started about 6-8 weeks before the move day. During these weeks make sure you figure out what items you want to pack and what items you are going to your Storage in Lafayette CO. Then reach out to multiple moving companies and select one while working out all of the details. Once that is all figured out do some research on the area you are moving to. What schools, parks, and restaurants are around? 


4-5 Weeks

With 4-5 weeks before moving day start packing. If you are planning to do some of the packing yourself this is a good time to start collecting boxes and other packing supplies. While packing just stay organized, make a list of everything you need to pack and have packed. If you have children this is a good time to get them registered for their new school. Make sure your kids are involved in the moving process. Moving can be hard on some kids. Being open with them is a great way to help ease kids into the move. A great way for them to help is to have them pack their toys and items from their room. 


2-4 Weeks

The best thing you can do with 2-4 weeks before the move is packing the items you do not need. There are some items that will need to be packed up the day before but if there are things you do not need and use, pack them now. This will save you so much stress when the day actually arrives. 


With one week before the move just label all of your boxes so you know what is inside. Moving can be a fun and stressful time. If you need to store anything with use during that time give us a call.

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