Maintaining your Boat this Summer

With summer in full swing you are bound to be taking your boat out a few times on the weekend. To help you in making sure your boat is maintained and in tip top shape for every lake day, we at Elite storage in Lafayette, CO have gathered some boat maintenance tips for you to try.

• When washing your boat, use cleaning products specific to boats. Other cleaners my tarnish or ruin the exterior of your boat. If boating in salt water it is very important to clean your boat to remove any salt water that may remain on the boat causing damage to the exterior paint and motor.

• Invest in a boat cover to use while storing or transporting your boat. This will protect the interior of the boat from any harms that may occur when your boat is not in use.

• Dry dock your boat when possible. Find a dry and clean storage space for long time storage. The storage units available at Elite Storage in Lafayette, CO will provide the ultimate protection for your boat.

• Change the oil regularly. Four-stroke outboards, inboards and stern drive boats require regular oil changes. The frequency will vary by model, but a good rule of thumb is to change the oil every 100 hours of operation or at least once a year.

• Take the time to inspect your boat. This includes inspecting the propeller, sail, motor and hull of the boat regularly. If you note a problem, fix it early. Some problems may require professional help to fix. Catching a problem early can save you money.

• Use water-proof grease for mechanical parts that require lubrication, such as the propeller. This will protect necessary parts for longer amounts of time.

• Clean the hull, top and bottom, regularly.

• Remove the propeller several times during boating season. Doing this will help you to find anything that isn’t supposed to be there, such as fishing line. While the propeller is off inspect it for nicks and dents. Any damage done to the propeller can decrease your boats performance up to 10%.

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