Keeping your unit clean

Storage units are great for families and individuals looking to store keepsakes or other belongings. Getting a unit can help relieve some stress when moving or decluttering a house. When your unit gets dirty or messy it can have the opposite effect. Your belongings can be ruined or need a major cleaning. Having a dirty unit causes unnecessary stress. It is not worth renting a unit if you are going to let dirt, dust, and other pests ruin your belongings. Keeping your unit clean can solve all of these problems. Here are a few tips to help you  maintain the cleanliness of your Lafayette CO Storage unit. 


Bring cleaning products

Before beginning to store belongings, clean your unit. Bring in cleaning products and do a deep clean. This gives you a clean space to start filling with your items. Dust and wipe down your unit each time you visit. Keeping products in your unit ensures you always have what you need to clean. 


Clean every item before storing

Storing items that are dirty, moldy, wet, or smelly can lead to serious problems. Your unit may develop an unpleasant smell, certain items can be damaged by mold or dust, and pests may be attracted to your unit. Clean all items before putting them in storage, even if they appear clean. 


Never store perishable items

Storing perishable items can lead to mold growing, unpleasant smells, go bad, and attract pests. It may seem harmless if you are only storing perishables for a few days, but it is not. Food can go bad at any time, and once you have attracted pests they can be hard to get rid of. 


Use pallets

Pallets keep your belongings on the floor. This protects your belongings from a spill in a neighboring unit, pests reaching your boxes easier, and gives more airflow through your boxes. 


Discard items that you do not want

We are all guilty of keeping items that we do not really want or need. When a unit becomes cluttered it is harder to maintain and keep clean. If your items are in long term storage try to evaluate your unit every few years and get rid of what you no longer need or want. Donating items is a great way to get rid of things you no longer want while helping someone in need. 

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