Ideas for what can be stored in your storage unit

When renting a Temperature Controlled Storage Lafayette storage unit you can store many different things. When you hear the word storage unit you may think of someone storing their old great aunt’s couch or random boxes haphazardly placed on some shelves. This may be true in some cases, and if so that is great. But, there are so many other ways you can utilize your storage unit. 


One great thing to put in your storage unit is seasonal items. These items are things that are only used during specific seasons or months of the year. When it is the off season these items just sit in homes taking up unnecessary space. This is not ideal as your home may begin to feel cluttered with things you can not even use at the moment. These items are a great thing to store in a storage unit. You can pack them away then bring them back out when the time is right. Another way to do this is to swap seasonal items as the weather changes. When the sun starts shining more and the temperature is rising you can get your summer things out of storage and replace them with your winter items. 


Long term storage is useful, but short term storage can as well. Using a storage unit for a specific amount of time can be helpful when in the transitional stage of a move. Big items like furniture can be difficult to keep when living in a rental property, especially when the rental is temporary. This could be when you have to move out of your previous home but can not move into your new one yet. Your belongings can sit safely in one of our units until you are ready to move into your new home. 


Whatever you decide to put in your storage unit, we hope that you can be relieved as your living space becomes clearer and less cluttered.

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