How You Can Support Small Businesses on November 30, 2019

One of the best things about living in Lafayette is that we’re not smack dab in the middle of the big box stores and there remain some smaller, mom-and-pop places that help keep the charms of smaller-town living, in spite of being in the middle of one of the fastest-growing communities on the Front Range. As one of these, locally owned and operated companies, Elite Storage units in Lafayette, CO is proud to serve our community with all their storage-related needs. 

Small Business Saturday is coming – are you ready? 

With all the noise from companies loudly sharing their best deals and their intention (or not) to close shop on Thanksgiving Day, the crazy shopping hours and deals of Black Friday, there is a shopping tradition that is about as modest and home-grown as the name suggests – Small Business Saturday. The purpose is clear, to promote and support small businesses when doing one’s holiday shopping. 

Make your list and check it twice 

Going into the shopping frenzy without a plan (and the determination to stick to it) can be quite dangerous to your budget. To get the most bang from your buck, planning is the key. I keep a spreadsheet on my Google Drive to which that I can add notes throughout the year of what I would like to purchase for my family and friends as well as if I did purchase something. That way, I can look at my phone and realize that I have already purchased a gift and do not need to.  

Look carefully at your list. Is there something that you can get from a small business instead of the big box store? Commit to doing just that and enjoy knowing that you’re helping people support their families in a more intimate way than giving the bulk of the profits to the big guys. 

What if I can’t find a local business from which to purchase a gift?  

Ideally, folks should target their local businesses when participating, but for many, this may be impossible. Look for smaller businesses online. Etsy is a great resource to find and buy amazing handmade gifts and support small business. Try Facebook Marketplace, eBay, local social media pages, craigslist, etc. Amazon has a new category for handmade goods, which is nice, but not purely supporting small businesses. 

Please consider using Elite Storage for your storage needs, your small business self storage in Lafayette, CO. 

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