How to Store Your Outdoor Furniture

You have enjoyed your time sitting outside on your patio furniture with friends and family all summer long. It is now time to start putting your outdoor furniture away as the colder months come in. It is important that you keep your outdoor items safe. Here at Lafayette CO Storage we care and want to help you keep everything safe during the winter. Patio furniture can last a long time if you take care of it properly. Here we will give you tips on how you can keep your furniture safe all winter long. 


The best thing you can do to keep all of your furniture safe and long lasting is putting it into a dry storage space. If you keep your patio furniture in a storage unit you can guarantee safety for the winter. Before you go to store your furniture there are some things you should do to get it ready for the winter season.


If you have furniture with cushions and pillows make sure that you clean them. You can either just clean them or put them into the washing machine gentle. If you do not want to put them into the dryer just hang them up to dry. For extra safety put all cushions and pillows into a storage bin or bag to help prevent mold. For the frame just make sure you wipe it down. Just make sure there is no dust. 


Once all of your furniture is clean you are ready to store. Plan a day so you can take all your items that need to be stored for the winter. This way you can take one big trip to your unit. When you are storing make sure to keep your unit organized so you can keep track of everything. If you don’t have a unit but want one for the winter give us a call today!

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