How to store a boat

Having a boat can be a lot of fun, but what do you do with it after the summer? Get a Self Storage in Lafayette CO to store your boat in a safe place. This way you can spend the summer playing and not have to worry about your boat in the winter. Storing your boat in the marina may appear to be a good idea, but that can be extremely expensive. Damage usually happens to boats in the off season so it is important to properly store your boat. 


Prepare your boat for storage

When preparing your boat for storage it is important to remember to remove any items you do not want being left in your boat. Take care to remove all food, if any is left it could attract pests. Clear out any cubby/ storage spaces. Anything that is not part of your boat should be removed. This includes: lifejackets, coolers, pool noodles, fire extinguishers, other personal items, and flares. Clean the hull of your boat to ensure there are not any barnacles or plant life. Remove any electronics that can be removed, and store those that can not in a safe and dry place. Wrap any exposed wires with electrical tape. Have a cover ready.


Putting it into storage

Before beginning to place your boat in storage check everything one last time. Have a checklist ready so nothing will be missed. Be sure to fill your tank with gas. This might seem weird but condensation can build up in a tank and cause all sorts of damage. Loosen the driving belt so it will not be damaged through the winter. Remember to use a cover to protect against dust, dirt, and moisture. 


We hope these tips can help you keep your boat in good condition throughout the winter. 

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