How to Save Money This Halloween

Are you worried about buying all of your Halloween decorations? Are your kids begging for so many different costumes? Halloween is a very fun holiday but do you really want to spend much money on it especially with Christmas just around the corner. There are many things you can do to spend a little or no money on Halloween this year. There are many ways that you can get Halloween decorations and costumes. For instance go to your Temperature Controlled Storage Lafayette unit and see what you have inside. You may have many things inside that you can use to make your own costumes and decorations.


There are so many do it yourself (DIY) videos out there that can give you great tips on how to make your own Halloween costumes and decorations. Halloween can be so fun with all of the spooky things. This can also become a super fun family activity. Where all family members get to be creative and make their own scary masterpiece. Just use a little imagination and create your Halloween world. 


Halloween costumes can be made out of just about anything. You can use any old clothes, towels, curtains, and blankets to make a costume. All you need is some time and sewing tools. Creating your own costume can be super fun too. There are so many resources out there that can help you create the perfect costume. When you decide to make your own costumes your possibilities are endless. You can create any type of costume you want. 


As for Halloween decorations you can also make those yourself and honestly the home made decorations look the coolest. You can add your personal touch to Halloween. Decorations can be made out of anything and everything. Just make it look spooky and you’ll be good.


Halloween is such a great time of the year. With the leaves changing colors and the weather starting to cool off. Don’t forget about your storage units. This time of year can be a great time to start storing your things. If you have any questions please give us a call we would be happy to help.

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