How to Get The Kids to Help With The Spring Cleaning

It is a beautiful time of year as it starts to get warmer and as the flowers start to bloom. It is once that time of year again where it is time for some spring cleaning. Spring cleaning can be a daunting task but you can make it easier by getting a few more helping hands. Your kids can be a great tool to help you clean this spring but the hard task is getting your kids to help. 


Most kids will not be very willing to help clean around the house. To them it is no fun and very boring. If you have kids at home you know what we are talking about but it would be great if you could have your kids help with the cleaning. Your kids can learn a lot from having some spring cleaning chores. It will help your kids learn how to work. So the question is how can you convince them to help? 


As parents you could set a goal for your kids and make a rule that if you get all of the cleaning done there will be a family fun reward. This can get your kids motivated to clean. Another great way to get your kids into the cleaning sprint is to choose a bright sunny morning and start blasting some music. Try to make cleaning fun!


Assigning age appropriate jobs is a great way to help your kids. You can have your littler kids start by picking up toys across the house and making sure that their rooms are clean. For older kids, have them mow the lawn, clean out the cars, clean bathrooms, and do other work that needs to happen around the yard. Specifically assign each kid a job so they can feel some responsibility. 


As you do your cleaning this spring don’t forget about your Self Storage in Lafayette CO. You could clean it out and then use it for all the things you find while cleaning. It is a great storage tool that you should use. If you have any questions about our units and how they can help you just give us a call today.

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