How to Deactivate Your “Clutter Magnet”

Have you ever heard someone say that they have too much storage space? Yeah, neither have we. Despite every attempt that we make to maximize our space, we frequently find that there is at least one spot in our home that, no matter our best efforts, it is a magnet for everything – a clutter magnet.

Identify your clutter magnet
Where is your clutter magnet? Is it a drawer, table, part of the countertop, or an entire room? Don’t worry, we won’t ask you to ‘fess up publicly; after all, we’re in the trenches with you here at Elite Storage Units in Lafayette, CO.

This is probably the easiest step in taking charge of your clutter. It’s easy to find. If you are having trouble finding it, look for places that you move a pile of something (mail, papers, small vehicles, etc.) from one place to another.

Attack the clutter magnet
You can either take drastic measures at this point or go gently into the night. Drastic measures could include walking running away and leaving your home behind you with all its secret clutter magnets to some poor unwarned soul. As this is too radical for many, let’s try something gentler.

Roll up your sleeves and go through all of this once and for all. Put on some music that gets you into battle mode. You know what I mean, the music that stirs something in your soul, giving you super powers. In my house, my husband and children are fully aware that I’m on the clutter warpath when the Broadway musical soundtracks come out. It doesn’t matter what it is – just find one and use it.

Designate homes for all the “survivors”
Told you it was like a warpath chez moi. I am ruthless and throw a lot out. My Achilles Heel – coupon circulars. They represent potential savings; it doesn’t matter that I will not go to a specific restaurant or don’t need a new couch – I can’t throw these away until after they are expired. If it makes the cut, put it into an accordion file system, folders, your binder, or in another system – just do it.

Make a plan, establish a routine, and form a habit
If your big clutter magnet is mail gathering on the kitchen counter, for example, make a plan to take a few minutes at a set time each day to address the task at hand. By so doing, and with consistent effort, you’re creating a routine. Many home organization gurus recommend setting a timer for 15 or 20 minutes and working on your clutter magnet for this small span each day. This guards against burnout and has been shown to be the sweet spot of time needed to create noticeable progress, giving a sense of accomplishment, greatly increasing your chances of success. From this simple routine, you will develop a habit.
For those items that don’t have a logical place in your home or that you need stored long or short term, please consider Elite Storage – a leader in Lafayette storage units.

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