How to Choose the Right Size Storage

When you are choosing your storage unit, you want to make sure that you can utilize the space completely. Ensuring that you select a space where all of your belongings fit without a lot of extra space left over can be confusing, and that’s especially true when you have so many options! Self storage units range from a loft type of home to a six-bedroom home. Some storage units are even large enough to park a car inside. Let’s take a look at some parameters you should look for that will help you to decide on the best size storage unit for you and your family.


Sometimes, when things are spread all throughout the house in different rooms, it can be difficult to know exactly how much “stuff” you really have. Take a household inventory of your belongings and then decide what will go into storage. Make of list of everything, even the small items people often forget. This will help you select the storage space that is right for your needs.

Plan for the Future

Perhaps you’re planning on making a purchase, but you know that something will have to go into storage to make room – or perhaps you have items you aren’t ready to store yet, but that you know will need to be stored in the future. You want to account for that space when choosing a unit. The storage unit you select should allow you to add more items into the unit at a later date. The space you get should accommodate your current AND future items, in other words.

Size Matters

The size and weight of your boxes are important when it comes to selecting the height and depth dimensions for a storage unit. If you have several heavy boxes that cannot be stacked on top of each other, keep that in mind when choosing a storage unit. You may need a deeper storage unit rather than a taller storage unit. You don’t want to damage what is inside of the boxes by putting too much weight on top of them!

Length of Time

Depending on the length of time you are planning to store your items, you may need to consider ventilation as well as easy access to your items. The idea is to either pack your items close together because you won’t need easy access, or to make sure you have extra space to walk through in order to search boxes as needed.

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