How to Best Prepare Your Mattress and Box Springs for Storage

When you have no other choice but to store your furniture, there are several steps that you can take to make sure that these items will be in great shape when you retrieve them from Elite Storag in Lafayette, CO. One of the more challenging items to store long-term is your bed. Proper preparation can literally save you hundreds of dollars in replacement cost.

Clean and freshen it up

Before storing, make sure to thoroughly clean your mattress and box springs. Strip of all bedding and let them air out for a few hours if possible. Using your vacuum’s upholstery attachment, vigorously vacuum them both, including all sides. Pay close attention to the quilted seams and edges. Sprinkle baking soda liberally on the surface and let sit for at least an hour. This will absorb any moisture and freshen the mattress. Repeat vacuuming.

Seal it up

A $20-25 investment in a quality mattress cover is essential to keeping your mattress and box springs pest, dust, and mold free. Make sure that it seals fully without gashes, gaps, etc.

Bring it in

You should always transport your mattress and box springs in a flat position. Tying them to the top of your vehicle can damage them greatly. The best way to transport them to your Lafayette, CO storage unit is in a covered truck. Wrapping your bed in blankets can protect the bed safe in its sealed cover.

Keep it flat and free from boxes
A properly stored mattress and box springs is one that is stored on a few pallets to raise them off the floor of the storage unit. Resist the temptation to pile boxes on top of that beautiful flat surface. Doing so, even in a short term of a few months, can cause damage to the springs.

Air it out

It is recommended that you open and air out the mattress and box springs every three to five months while storing. The biggest mistake that we see is that to use the space of your storage unit most effectively space-wise, our clients pack everything tightly without accounting for air flow. Keeping a bit of space between your items is critical to minimize the storage smell (mildew) from seeping into your belongings.

If you need any help on how best to store your items, please ask; we’re happy to help.

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