How Clearing My Inbox Changed My Life

One of the more common goals made at the New Year is to become more organized. As our lives are increasingly connected to our devices, a growing number of professional organizers include a person’s devices into their organizational programs.

We asked ourselves at Elite Storage in Lafayette, CO about our own devices and digital lives and their respective organization. As would be expected, we had varying responses.

Finding the First Steps

I’m not what some would call organized. My method typically looks for a more functional method to getting things done as quickly as possible, rather than having a “system.” When I first tackled the task of organizing my digital life, I looked around for recommendations to improve my digital organization system, or more realistically, lack thereof.

I decided to work with my email box first and keep it clear and manageable. It sounds easier than it is, and I am sure that there are some people who understand my challenge.

Maintain and control

At the onset, I tried to organize it all with folders and diligently file emails as they came in. That lasted about two weeks before I completely fizzled out. I missed a day and that turned into two, three, twenty; it had gotten out of control again. When I saw 666 unread emails in my box, which had to be a sign of some sort, I decided to try again. I moved every single email into an archive folder and filed in spurts until it was finally done about a week or so later. There is something that makes one almost giddy – when you realize that you don’t actually “need” most of these emails and can delete them without negative consequences. It’s exhilarating!

I began once again to use my ambitious folder system and went through the emails and filed them away. I’d like to say that I was faithful to this system daily, but it often went a week or so before I did a full filing session.

Look less and find more

After I discovered the optimum frequency for the filing task for me, it was clear that I could find things more quickly with this system in place than otherwise. With this small success, I was inspired to tackle other areas of my life and become more organized in the flesh and blood, brick and mortar parts of my life.

For those who are focusing less on digital organization and more on physical decluttering, if you find that you need a place to help you with a place to store excess and important possessions with us at our self storage in Lafayette, CO, we’re always here to support your efforts in making your life as uncluttered as possible.



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