helping your kid move out

It’s April, and that means May is just around the corner. May bring warm weather and graduations. Having a teenager graduate from high school is both exciting and sad. They are moving on to the next phase of their lives, but they are getting ready to move out and be on their own. There are so many things to be done before they can move out, including packing their belongings. 


Everyone knows that teenagers are not the most clean or organized people. This can make packing a lot harder than it needs to be. An easy way to start is to begin with cleaning their room. Cleaning can help you get a better idea of what you teen has and what they need. Organizing as you go will narrow down the items that they truly want to bring, what can be thrown away, and what should be kept in your Storage Units Lafayette CO unit. 


Deciding what to bring is next. Your teenager will not need to bring their whole bedroom with them. Dorm rooms and even college apartments do not have the same amount of storage space as a teens typically bedroom does. Your kid will have to decide what they really want to bring to college. They will need clothes, electronics, and other items that they can use. Momentos and personal items may have to be stored somewhere else while your kid gets their education, due to storage space. 


Packing should be done in an organized manner. Begin by organizing the items into certain groups that can be packed together. Once your groups are established you can start placing them into boxes. Take care when packing to maximize the space in your box. Once your boxes are packed label them to make unpacking easier. 


Once it is over you can enjoy your nice peaceful house, that now has one less kid in it. 

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